Top CNC Machine Repair Tips for The Busy Workroom

Preventative maintenance is any workroom’s best friend. It not only increases equipment uptime and productivity, but it also improves on machine performance and it ultimately saves your business the expense of costly repairs. Preventing machine failures should always be a priority. Minimally, it is recommended to check all batteries and inspect the heat sinks and cooling fans of your machinery, while also performing a full memory backup frequently.

This all serves to prevent devastating downtime and expensive machine repairs. Weak batteries have led to lost data and machine positioning, while dirty heat sinks and non-functioning fans raise the control pressure, and thereby increases the risk of component failure. So let’s take a look at some top tips for CNC maintenance.

• Check all the batteries frequently, as weak batteries can result in lost machine positioning and lost data;
• Use any scheduled downtime to your benefit and catch up on all your CNC maintenance to increase equipment productivity and uptime; and
• Perform a full memory backup and inspect all heat sinks and cooling fans.

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