What are the advantages of flame spraying?

Flame spraying is a commonly used form of thermal spraying. It is used to apply high-quality metallic or ceramic coatings, originally in the form of powder, wire or ceramic rod, on a variety of materials. Flame spraying is an old method of thermal spraying, but it is still commonly used due to its advantages. Read about these advantages below:


Flame spraying is one of the simplest methods of thermal spraying. It operates with a very simple design and the manual equipment removes the need to understand high end technology for use. The use of the equipment requires minimal operational training.

Complex coatings

The manual operation of the equipment makes flame spraying the ideal method of spraying for materials with complex designs. You will easily be able to reach spots that automized equipment would not be capable of coating.


Flame spraying is a much more cost-effective alternative to other methods of spraying such as plasma spraying. The coating forms – wire, rod and powder – are also much less expensive than forms used in other methods.

Low toxicity levels

The toxicity being referred to here is the dust and fumes that are emitted during the spraying process. Flame spraying has much lower toxicity levels than other thermal spraying methods and can even be carried out without a spray booth. However, lower toxicity levels does not mean no toxicity levels, so you’ll need to take precautions to ensure that the fumes and gas can escape the work area.