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In 2013, after a managerial buyout, Brooklyn Engineering was established. Brooklyn Engineering is a mechanical engineering company that specialises in the refurbishment and manufacture of a wide variety of mechanical parts. The enormous and ever growing success of the company lies in the profound ability to perform quality in-house services for clients. This in-house service is unique to Brooklyn Engineering and ensures control over quality workmanship resulting in the delivery of the service expected from the client. Their extensive range of specialised engineering services include: milling, boring, grinding, honing, turning, balancing, metal spraying, hard chroming, CNC Machining and fitting.

mechanical engineering services

Mechanical Engineering

  • Home Chrome Plating
  • Metal Spraying
  • Welding
  • Balancing
  • Fitting
  • Machine Shop
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Turning
  • Wire Cutting

Brooklyn engineering has established long term relationships with most of their customers due to their highly personalised services and successful end results. Brooklyn Engineering provides their services to a variety of clients from a multitude of industries. These client industries include the motor, steel, textile, chemical, mining, fibre, plastic, packaging, printing, paper, refineries, sugar and shipping industries.

Brooklyn Engineering provide highly sought after and industry leading services throughout South Africa as well as her neighbouring countries including Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and Malawi.

The Brooklyn Engineering Company Philosophy

Brooklyn Engineering is dedicated to strictly adhering to a documented and advanced Quality Management System. This system is based on the South African Bureau of Standards and refers to a model that enhances quality in the installation and production of products and also provides the most reliable and proven guidelines to guarantee the company’s quality assurance at all times. This system has enabled Brooklyn Engineering to achieve a competitive edge in the engineering industry.

Brooklyn Engineering: Quality System

The following attributes have set Brooklyn Engineering a part from their competitors:

  • Maintaining a manual that consists of relevant procedures, policies and instructions in regards to work.
  • Procurement, maintenance and identification of resources
  • Updating of equipment based on technological advancements in the industry. Making sure that products always meet specifications within the industry.
  • Quality Records Maintained and Updated
  • Understanding of standards and conditions that are required by the client
  • Quality and reliability ensuring client satisfaction
  • Promote and inspire communication within the company
  • The Company will always meet clients specifications
  • Prevent, detect and correct any quality issues
  • On-going training of staff so as to increase productivity in the work environment