On-site Balancing & Vibration Analysis

On-Site Balancing & Vibration Analysis

Accurate vibration analysis can provide the necessary information to completely evaluate machine condition, identify symptoms to avoid on-going damage, determine the cause of damaged components, and offer a prognosis for remaining service life. It can mean the difference between maximum production efficiency and catastrophic failure.

Brooklyn Engineering offers a complete range of services to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct machine condition:

  • Vibration diagnostics to analyze and evaluate the cause of machine vibration.
  • Field balancing for smooth, quiet operation and extended service life.
  • Predictive maintenance packages with periodic data collection to establish baseline operating parameters, set limit values and provide comprehensive machine evaluation reports.

Blowers or fans (unlike electric motors, pumps or compressors) will often run smoothly only for a limited period of time or in a specific operating condition. Unbalances may occur during operation, causing costly damage to machines, foundations or buildings. Often, however, dismantling the part for balancing is not an option, for reasons of cost.

In such cases, field balancing is the best solution. Members of the Brooklyn Engineering team will measure the unbalance of installed rotors in situ, with the help of portable balancing equipment, and correct it without any need to dismantle the rotor.

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