Quality System | Brooklyn Engineering

Brooklyn Engineering is committed to adhering to its documented Quality Management System, based on the South African Bureau of Standards – Code of practice for Quality Systems – Model for quality assurance in production and installation which provides the necessary guidelines and controls to ensure the company’s approach to quality assurance.

Brooklyn Engineering ensures that such a system is implemented at all levels so as to ensure that the product is produced consistently to specified requirements. Brooklyn Engineering is able to gain the competitive edge over its competitors based on the following attributes:
  • The maintenance of a Quality Manual which includes relevant policies, procedures and work instructions
  • The identification, procurement and maintenance of the resources as may be necessary
  • The monitoring & updating of technology and quality techniques as may be necessary in order to ensure the provision of a product that meets specifications
  • The development and maintenance of Quality records
  • The definition of quality standards required by the customer
  • The provision of appropriate maintenance equipment
  • To provide customers with a high level of confidence in our quality reliability
  • Facilitate communication within the company
  • Avoid the cost of unnecessary loss
  • Ensure that the company has the means to meet the customers’ specification
  • Detect, correct & prevent quality problems
  • Increase productivity and profitability through the on-going training of staff

Brooklyn Engineering is committed to continually reviewing its policies and systems to ensure that its objectives in the provision of a precision engineering, reconditioning and manufacturing service are adequate in meeting the needs of customers.