All about honing machines

At Brooklyn Engineering, we offer fitting services for a range of machinery and parts. To do so, we use various specialised equipment that makes our processes fast and efficient. One piece of equipment that we use is a honing machine, which plays an important role in our operations. If you want to know more about honing machines, read all about them below:

What are they?

Honing machines are abrasive tools use to correct the diameter, shape and surface finishes of various parts, generally those that are cylindrical, including hydraulic valves, gearboxes and more. The honing process is a much slower process than that of the grinding process conducted by grinding machines; however, this can be seen as a benefit because heat and pressure are reduced drastically, allowing higher levels of control. In fact, this allows honing machines to conduct operations with much greater accuracy, giving them the ability to complete tasks within 0.2 microns.

How do they work?

Rather than making use of an abrasive wheel for its processes, a honing machine uses flat stones placed evenly around a shaft. In horizontal and vertical hones, the stones on the shaft can be expanded and contracted as need be while they are moving through the parts. However, there are single-pass hones that operate in a fixed position with another cylinder used to move the hone through the part using a lubricant.