All about our welding services and how you can benefit from them

Brooklyn Engineering offers a wide range of services. This includes many different types of services, including welding services. Our welding services offer clients, many different benefits which is why they continue to return to us for all their welding needs. Read all about our welding services and how you can benefit from them:

What it includes

Brooklyn Engineering offers welding services that can be used to repair a range of components such as castings and marine piston crowns. Hard facing is another technique that we employ in our welding services. This is the act of applying a harder material to a base material by means of welding. Brooklyn Engineering also uses continual MIG welding – an incredibly precise welding technique that requires the welder to have high levels of manipulative skill. The final stage of our welding process involves the use of a stress relieving oven. These are just a few of the incredible welding services we offer.

The benefits

Our welding services are beneficial to you as they allow you to continue to use products for an extended period due to our repair techniques. We can easily repair products that are showing signs of wear and tear. The hard-facing welding service that we provide is also useful in prolonging the life of your products by placing a hard layer of material over the base layer of the product. Our continual MIG welding process is also beneficial to you as it ensures that precise welds are conducted on products in a quick manner, ensuring that you do not wait long to receive your goods in top notch condition. The final stage of our welding services – the stress relieving oven – reduces the risk of stress cracks within the product. These cracks can occur after welding; however, with the use of a stress relieving oven, the stress within the weld is reduced tremendously.