Tips on machine maintenance

Protecting your machines against corrosion

Corrosion occurs when metals have a chemical reaction to the environment they are in. This is a natural process that converts metals that are refined to a more suitable oxide. There are methods that you can apply to help you prevent this from happening. In this article, we share the various methods you can put in place to protect your metal machines from corroding.

Permanent Corrosion Protection

Permanent corrosion protection methods are put in place to protect the machinery as it is being used. When you use this method, the likelihood of climatic and chemical factors stressing metals will be slimmer.

Active Corrosion Protection

The purpose of active corrosion protection is to stimulate the reactions that occur when metal corrodes. It is able to regulate the contents of the agent that cases the corrosion in the first place and the initial reaction of the metals to these agents to prevent corrosion.

Passive Corrosion Protection

When applying this method of corrosion protection, the potential damage of the corrosion is prevented through isolating the machinery from any harsh corrosive agents by adding protective layers or other coatings. In some cases this method may not be able to change the aggression of the corrosion agent or even the likelihood of the machines from corroding.

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