What is Vibration Analysis?

If your machinery is not functioning efficiently and you are struggling to diagnose the problem manually, then vibration analysis needs to be conducted. Not sure what vibration analysis is? Read all about it below:

What is it?

Vibration analysis is a technique used to diagnose various problems with the components within machinery. The reason vibration analysis can be used to determine the health of machinery is because of the differences in vibrations between a fully functional machine and a damaged machine. Any damaged parts will give off a specific vibration which can be identified through vibration analysis. The parts that are damaged can then be repaired or replaced.

How it is conducted?

The process of vibration analysis is complex. In order to conduct vibration analysis an accelerometer is needed. This device is will be able to read the vibrations from the machinery and measure the amount of vibrations per second or minute. The data will be collected, and software will be used to determine certain variables regarding amplitude, time and frequency. These variables can then be used to determine the health of the machinery through algorithms and analysis by professionals.

What can it diagnose?

Vibration analysis is one of the most effective techniques for diagnosing various problems in machinery. Vibration analysis can be used to diagnose the following; problems with the bearings, misaligned components, bent shafts, broken welds, loose components, gearbox failures, empty spaces or air bubbles and much more. Once the problem has been diagnosed, engineers can decide on the best way to solve the problems.